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Sankalp Raj Nair
Main Consultant

Mr.Sankalpa Raj Nair was born at Thiruvananthapuram in a Traditional Nair family. Sankalpa Raj Nair with a Masters in Business Administration, Masters in Information Technology, Diplomas and Certifications. He is working as an IT analyst and a consultant of astrology, Vasthu shastra, Fengshui and Pendulum Dowsing. He worked for different companies in Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, UK, Australia, USA & Canada. He is a regular contributor on Information Technology, Astrology, Vasthu Shastra, Pendulam Dowsing, Fengshui to various media, News Papers & Magazines.


Humanitarian Activities:

The idea that was born in that tragic moment lingered in his thoughts from 1996 onwards he began to set aside portion of his salary, certain amount from Kariparathala trust and Astro Vasthu Consulting. One of those moments in a man's life that makes him stop and think - the year 1996 & 1999, the event death of his brother and his great father. He and his brother involvement in social welfare activities helped him towards achieving his aim to start a charitable organization.


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